The winning team of the Maritime Hackathon will be announced during the Holland Fisheries Event 2022. On Saturday morning, the solutions are presented per team on the exhibition floor. A jury will judge the solutions and award the prize to the winning team.

During the Maritime Hackathon, professionals and students from within and outside the maritime sector join forces to work on solutions for a sustainable maritime (fishing) sector. Wageningen University & Research and ROC Friese Poort invite participants to dive into the blue maritime world during the hackathon to work on ideas for one of the challenges together with the new generation of maritime professionals. Who will take the catch as the winning team?

What are the challenges:
– Fishing technology: How can fishing be done in the North Sea from 2030 for the species of sole, plaice and shrimp with minimal energy consumption, as selectively as possible (hardly any discards) and with minimal to no seabed disturbance? – Pieke Molenaar (Wageningen Marine Research)

– Market-oriented fishing from a (short) chain: How do you, as a fisherman, involve and realize an additional cost in the market of conscious citizens and consumers, with the capture and processing of responsible food from the North Sea in a (short) chain? – Hendrik Kramer (skipper and owner of MDV2 cutter), Michelle Boonstra (Good Fish Foundation)

– Food production at sea: How do we stimulate food from the North Sea with minimal impact on the ecosystem and maximum potential to strengthen nature locally? – Linda Planthof (North Sea Foundation)

– Data on board: How is the fisherman at the helm with gold of smart data as desired bycatch? Digitization and data on board whereby the fishermen are the guardians (blue stewards) at sea and with smart measurements provide added value in better predictable catches, less energy consumption, lower (maintenance) costs, but also transparency from ship to shelf and valuable insights such as climate change, fish stocks . – Pedro Rappe (Omni-C, DBmatic) & Niels Post (WeForSea)

– Technique and design: How will the fisherman of the future go out to sea? With what type of ship and how is the fish caught, preserved, processed and transported? – Walter van Harberden (Padmos)