De Boer Marine offers revolutionary terms for VSAT services

Thanks to worldwide partnerships, the company offers exceptional services around the globe. De Boer Marine is active at various maritime markets like deepsea, offshore, yachting, and fisheries.

Meindert Jan de Boer, CEO of De Boer Marine: “In uncertain times during covid-19 and after, De Boer Marine offers revolutionary contractual terms and conditions for our customers: “With our global VSAT services, existing and new customers can upgrade, downgrade or turn off the connection as desired at any given moment, giving an enormous flexibility towards customers. Something the maritime market needs and even more now during the current Covid-19 pandemic.”

Flexible terms for remote surveys

One of the customers of De Boer Marine is Global Seatrade. Global Seatrade is a shipping company specialised in the overseas transportation of windmills, offshore equipment and small heavy lifts up to 240 tonnes. Because the influence of Covid measure, Global Seatrade was investigating possibilities for remote surveys and audits. Thanks to De Boer Marine, the clients of Global Seatrade are now able to walk virtually with them on their vessels.  

To enable high quality video, higher bandwidth speeds are required. Because the surveys are not a day-to-day operation, it was not necessary to have such a fast connection all of the time. De Boer Marine gave Global Seatrade the flexibility they need by making it possible to upgrade the connection for a certain time period, for instance it is possible to upgrade the speeds for a single day.

Unique services in insecure times

With flexible contracts, powerful data management and great support capabilities, De Boer Marine offers unique terms and conditions in times where it is needed the most and directly showing their confidence in their own managed and supported products.

During the pandemic, demand of remote support and maintenance has never been so high. Not only to support and maintain the connectivity services itself, but also for updating and repairing all kinds of on-board equipment. On top of that the pandemic has caused massive digitalization in the maritime industry and an increase in the demand to live stream instructions/board meetings from shore to ship as well as public events. With VSAT services from De Boer Marine, ships are ready for this wave of digitalization.