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Navigation, communication, fishing, safety and IT equipment!

Maritime VSAT

De Boer Marine manages its own VSAT Maritime Network. This makes us independent of third parties in management.

Service Team

Our personal service network is available 24 hours a day!


De Boer Marine also designs its own shipping products with innovative applications.

Towards the future

De Boer Marine delivers


De Boer Marine supplies, installs and maintains navigation and communication equipment, on board IT, CCTV, TVRO, fishing equipment, VSAT and safety equipment. Software and (VSAT) subscriptions are also part of this.

De Boer Marine is active in the fishing, offshore, energy, cargo and yachting markets.

De Boer Marine is active all over the world!


Internet at sea

Worldwide coverage through our own network, powered by SES. Delivery, installation, maintenance and subscriptions via one address!


A selection from our projects from various markets!

On board Entertainment

Streaming Entertainment

Thanks to internet on board it is also possible to stream Netflix on board!

Live TV in HD quality

With a TV sphere on board you can enjoy undisturbed HD quality TV.

Available on any device

With a WiFi installation you can access any device! This of course depends on your subscription.

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