Your partner for all electronic maritime solutions!

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For all maritime equipment

At De Boer Marine you can find navigation, communication, satellite, fishing, safety and IT equipment!​

Our service teams: the best service!

Our service network is monitored 24 hours a day by our dedicated technicians!​

Specialized in VSAT connections

De Boer Marine manages its own VSAT Maritime Network. This makes us independent of third parties in the management.​

Development of own products

De Boer Marine also designs its own shipping products with innovative applications.​

On the right course towards the future!

Towards the future!


De Boer Marine supplies, installs and maintains navigation and communication equipment, on board IT, CCTV, TVRO, fishing equipment, VSAT and safety equipment. This also includes software and (VSAT) subscriptions.

De Boer Marine is active in the commercial fishing, offshore, deepsea and yacht sectors.

De Boer Marine is mainly active in Europe, but we have already completed several projects in Africa and Asia.

De Boer Marine originates from sister company DBKC ICT & Kantoor, we have been active in the maritime sector for more than a decade.

Internet all over the sea

Worldwide coverage through our own network. Delivery, installation, maintenance and subscription from one address!


Head office in the Netherlands, active all over the world!